New Partnership with Spider Strategies

Progress Consulting has Has Partnered with Spider Strategies as the exclusive representative in Saudi Arabia responsible for QuickScore Sales, Implementation, Consulting and Training.

Spider Strategies is a leading enterprise performance management solutions provider that is web-based, intuitive, and is implemented in corporations world-wide as well as in the public sector. Spider Strategies is focused on managing strategy, tracking metrics, and the production of highly visual and informative dashboards.

Spider Strategies partnered with the Balanced Scorecard Institute to develop a new version of Scoreboard aimed mainly at the Balanced Scorecard market. We called the new product QuickScore. In early 2017, Spider Strategies released Scoreboard/QuickScore 3. It was the result of a complete software redesign and years of development. Version 3 allowed to take a step back and completely rethink how performance management software should work. It features a modern design, is incredibly fast, and works on all modern devices.

QuickScore is web-based software that brings your balanced scorecards to life with interactive strategy maps, reports, and alerts. It is the only software officially recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute.


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